John F. Simon, Jr.: Color and Time

Madrid, September 18 - October 24, 2008

Press Release

The Javier Lopez Gallery inaugurates the season with the first solo exhibition in Europe by John F. Simon, Jr., a well-known digital artist.

The show offers his latest works: six large wall compositions made in DMF, in which sophisticated software, hardware and LCD screens integrated into the sculptural object materialise the phenomena of networks, binary codes and communication flow patterns, concepts that are essential to the artist’s work.

Since beginning to work with software (Every Icon, 1997), Simon has explored the interaction between the work of art as a physical object and the ethereal nature of virtual images. In these creations, rigid sculptural elements limited by their materiality contrast with the infinite variations of electronic forms. This antagonism produces new visions of the infinite. The artist has declared: “I have always been fascinated by the idea of perpetually changing painting, conceived not as a moment, but as movement.”

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Selected Press

Arte y Parte nº76
August - September, 2008

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Babelia_El País
October 18, 2008

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John F. Simon, Jr.: Color and Time

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