Phil Frost: Plotting Upon the Passage of Time

March 4 - May 22, 2022

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

This is the first individual exhibition in Europe by American artist Phil Frost (New York, 1973). The show includes a selection of works, paintings on canvas, wood and found doors, which have been made throughout his artistic career, from 1997 to the present. His work by him is rooted in sensation, perception, environment, memory and imagination, arising from tumultuous emotions through a thoughtful and calculated process. In his works by him, the artist includes glued objects such as toy cars, small stones, bottles with buttons or cans, among others, using canvas, wood or doors as supports.

More information at: CAC Málaga

David Salle

November 16, 2021 - April 2, 2022

The Brant Foundation. Art Study Center, Greenwich (Connecticut)

Salle’s first comprehensive survey in 20 years comprises over 40 works from the Brant Collections and loans from international private collections, foundations, and museums.
Salle ha desarrollado, a lo largo de cuarenta años, una sintaxis visual estrictamente controlada. Al igual que en la poesía, la música y cualquier otro lenguaje organizado sintácticamente, lo que cuenta es la infinidad de relaciones de las partes con el todo. El trabajo de Salle es "orquestal" por naturaleza y puede ser visto en el contexto más amplio del Modernismo de comienzos y mediados del s. XX, específicamente en el del lenguaje (visual o verbal) de los poetas y pintores, artistas que buscan captar el ritmo y complejidad de la vida contemporánea mediante el uso de la sinécdoque, la comprensión narrativa, la yuxtaposición y una resistencia general a la clausura.

Más información: The Brant Foundation
Imagen: Tom Powel Imaging

Peter Halley: CELL GRIDS

September 26, 2021 - February 13, 2022

Dallas Contemporary, Dallas (Texas)
Curated by Executive Director Peter Doroshenko

CELL GRIDS, Peter Halley’s first exhibition in Texas in more than fifteen years, presents a unique series of paintings made from 2015 to the present. CELL GRIDS showcases a surprising vein of Halley’s work, paintings in which one element of his distinctive iconography – his intensely colored rectilinear “cells” – is isolated and arranged into syncopated grids, bringing his work into dialogue with the structural grid of classic Modernism as represented in the work of Piet Mondrian, Agnes Martin, Andy Warhol and others.
Shown together at Dallas Contemporary for the first time, this group of eighteen large-scale paintings extends Halley’s ongoing exploration of the language of painting. The exhibition offers a surprising new way of engaging with the artist’s work.

More information at: Dallas Contemporary

Leo Villareal: Illuminated River, London

From April 13, 2021 on

Illuminated River is a free public artwork created to bring gently moving light and colour to nine of London’s bridges, giving them a new definition and visibility. The recent lighting of Blackfriars Road, Waterloo, Golden Jubilee, Westminster and Lambeth Bridges extends the transformation of central London. The unified, subtly moving installation by American artist Leo Villareal now extends across nine Thames bridges, from London to Lambeth, to form the longest public art commission in the world. It will be in place for at least ten years.
In the midst of the pandemic, the calm and tranquil effects of this open-air artwork take on an even greater significance; encouraging Londoners to walk along the Thames, to pause and take in the beauty of their city. In a difficult time, the artwork is a resilient symbol of London as a uniquely innovative world capital. Villareal’s approach draws on the spirit of artists from English Romantics to Impressionists, referencing for example Monet and Whistler whose paintings immortalise London’s river and its bridges in washes of colour and light.

More information at: Illuminated River
Image: James Newton. Courtesy Leo Villareal Studio

José María Yturralde: Mechanical and Technical Imaginaries in the IVAM Collection

March 11 - October 17, 2021

IVAM - Institut Valencià d'Art Modern, Valencia

Mechanical and Technical Imaginaries will gather together artists in the IVAM collection with an interest not only in designing and constructing mechanisms but also in creating imaginaries that reflect the spirit of the industrial and scientific culture around them. The display will also include works by “visionary technologists” or artists who use materials and techniques from industrial manufacturing to reflect on spirit, time, body and memory.
Also represented are artists who support dialogue between science and art, such as Yturralde, and conceptual narrators who investigate the perception of images through the photographic medium, using mechanical iconography as a basic theme. Special attention will moreover be paid to the question of work and its relationship with the machine, including pieces by contemporary artists working from feminisms.
Furthermore, the exhibition will be accompanied by a display in the IVAM Library which reviews the movements of geometric abstraction that emerged in Spain in the 1960s.

More information at: IVAM


February 26 - September 5, 2021

Brooklyn Museum, New York

For twenty-five years, Brooklyn-based artist KAWS (Brian Donnelly, American, born 1974) has bridged the worlds of art, popular culture, and commerce. Adapting the rules of cultural production and consumption in the twenty-first century, his practice both critiques and participates in consumer culture. KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a sweeping survey featuring more than one hundred broad-ranging works, such as rarely seen graffiti drawings and notebooks, paintings and sculptures, smaller collectibles, furniture, and monumental installations of his popular COMPANION figures. It also features new pieces made uniquely for the exhibition along with his early-career altered advertisements.

More information at: Brooklyn Museum

José María Yturralde: Hathor

February 22 - May 30, 2021

IVAM - Institut Valencià d'Art Modern, Valencia

"This work entitled Hathor, which takes its name from an Egyptian goddess, belongs to Enso, a pictorial series characterised by the representation of circular forms, which I have been working on since 2015. With infinite nuances, the circle and its three-dimensional extension, the sphere, are a part of nature and of every culture in which nature retains its magical transcendence. Both symbolise perfection and its effects, like the cosmic heavens or their cyclical movements.
Enso is a mode of illumination, a spiritual exercise, symbolising the universe, emptiness, infinity… My approach to this concept is subjective and relative, since I belong to western culture. From it I express myself, and through it I seek the mystic and sacred values that are common to all human beings and present in all cultures. With its immense simplicity, greater even than that of a haiku, the enso represents for me the imperfect perfection of the present moment". (José María Yturralde)

More information at: IVAM

Francesco Clemente: Cut a rug a round square

February 11 - May 2, 2021

OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin
Curated by Jessica Stockholder

The exhibition includes works from two important international collections: the ”la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection (Barcelona) and the Fondazione per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT (Turin), whose works are on permanent loan to Turin’s GAM - Galleria d'arte Moderna and Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'arte contemporanea. The works are further enriched by Stockholder’s original interpretation, which draws creative connections with pieces from both collections.
The exhibition invites visitors to lose themselves in a world of shapes in colors, starting from the theme of painting, which is at the core of both collections as well as one of the most popular art forms, to redefine the limits of the genre and develop a new dialogue between the shapes and phantasmagorias of painting and the new keys they provide to interpret the contemporary world.

More information at: OGR Torino
Image: Andrea Rossetti. Courtesy OGR Torino
Francesco Clemente. Miele, Argento, Sangue, 1986. Fresco. 300 x 600 cm. "la Caixa" Collection

Alex Katz, David Salle: The Essl Collection

December 7, 2020 - March 14, 2021

Albertina Modern, Vienna

This marks the first time that an overview of the Essl Collection’s historical depth and geographical breadth, ranging from American output to artworks from China, has been presented in Austria’s capital city—with 110 masterpieces created between 1960 and the present by famous artists such as Georg Baselitz, Alex Katz, David Salle, Antoni Tàpies.
This exhibition places the most influential and important Austrian artists in dialog with pivotal international artistic stances of the present era and their foremost proponents. The selected paintings, sculptures, objects, installations, and videos simultaneously provide an impression of the great diversity of media covered by the Essl Collection.

More information at: Albertina Modern

Leo Villareal: Point Cloud (ASU)

November 18, 2020 - December 31, 2021

Nelson Fine Arts Center, Arizona State University

Point Cloud (ASU) is a new artwork by Leo Villareal for the Nelson Fine Arts Center at Arizona State University. The artwork is part of the ASU Art Museum’s Halle Public Art Initiative and has been produced in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA).
This is the first time Villareal has used data sampled from a location as part of an artwork. Antoine Predock’s striking 1987 architecture greatly inspired him during his time at ASU, and he has used a mobile 3D scanning to scan both the inside and outside of the building. Point Cloud (ASU) is a light sculpture consisting of a monolithic double-sided LED screen, it is installed on the main axis of the building and offers viewers a shaded amphitheatre-like place in which to gather and contemplate the work.

More information at:

Santiago Ydáñez: MARTE Contemporary Art Fair

November 5 - 8, 2020

Auditorium and Convention Centre, Castellón
Curated by Ignacio Tomás

Santiago Ydáñez participates as guest artist in the 7th edition of MARTE, the Contemporary Art Fair organized in Castellón. Ydáñez takes part in the art fair this year with an individual exhibition. This project is included in Curated Space 2020, where one of the directors of the fair - Nacho Tomás Gil - presents a selection of artist from different galleries, cultural institutions, and art centres. In this section the participating galleries are invited to show individual art projects with the aim of deepening the creative universe of their featured artists.
The image that illustrates this information, one of his characteristic found objects modified by one of his paintings, has been used for the advertising poster of the fair.

More information at: Feria MARTE

José María Yturralde: National Prize for Plastic Arts 2020

November 5, 2020

José María Yturralde (Cuenca, 1942) has been recognized by the jury of the National Prize for Plastic Arts for his “trajectory with a high level of experimentation that has connected art and science, and in which his work of spatial and formal research stands out, his teaching task in the field of research on mathematical parameters, along with artistic ones”.

In the jury of this prize given by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, María Dolores Jiménez - Blanco (general director of Fine Arts) has been the president and Carmen Giménez (deputy director of the State Museums) has been the vice president this year. The jury included Àngels Ribé (artist), Juan Carlos Moya (project manager of CEART Fuenlabrada), Manuel Fontán del Junco (director of the Fundación Juan March), José Luis Pérez Pont (director of the Comunidad Valenciana Consortium of Museums), Orlando Britto (director of CAAM Las Palmas), Begoña Torres (deputy director of Registers and Documentation of the Historic Heritage) and Susana Blas (curator).

Alex Katz

May 29 - August 9, 2020

Fosun Foundation Shanghai

The first museum-scale exhibition of American artist Alex Katz in China features more than thirty works, including some of his latest paintings and cut-out sculptures that he has been working on in recent years. There will also be minimalistic steel sculptures of dancers in front of the museum and scattered around in the exhibition halls.

More information at: Fosun Foundation Shanghai

Eduardo Sarabia: Con aire popular. Arte mexicano contemporáneo

February 29 - May 3, 2020

Casa de México en España, Madrid

This group exhibition explores the encounter between contemporary art and popular art in Mexico with artworks whose techniques, subjects, and materials recall us the strong handcraft traditions and the dominant presence of a pre-hispanic imagery in this country.

Since the beginning of Twentieth Century till the present day, Mexican arts have been linked with their profusely artisanal tradition, their native creations, and their historical past, this defines the aesthetics and an artistic canon based on these connections between the popular, the handcrafted and the history of Mexico.

More information at: Casa de México

Hannah Collins: Camera and City. Urban Life in Photography and Film

October 31, 2019 - March 8, 2020

CaixaForum, Barcelone
Curated by Florian Ebner

The experience of the big city is part of the essential nature of our modernity. Throughout the 20th century, the metropolis acted not only as a social stage and political battlefield, but also as a wild playground.
This exhibition on the Camera and the City is about the photographers and filmmakers who recorded, staged and dissected the city as they created different takes on urban life and culture.

More information at: CaixaForum

Santiago Ydáñez: Ecos

October 9 - 20 December 2019

Sala de Arte Santander, Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)

Ecos is a new project by Fundación Banco Santander which is aimed at reviewing the Banco Santander Collection via new visions and bringing contemporary art closer to the general public.
In this first edition, the commissioners Nacho Ruiz and Carolina Parra have chosen six renowned Spanish artists to exhibit their work at the Santander Art Gallery, seeking references between these and those of the bank’s own artistic collection.
The invited artists are Irma Álvarez-Laviada, Mira Bernabeu, José Medina Galeote, Sonia Navarro, Fernando Renes and Santiago Ydáñez.

More information at: Fundación Banco Santander

José María Yturralde

From October 2019 on

Museu Fundación Juan March, Palma de Mallorca

The work by José María Yturralde Estructura volante. Homenaje a Velázquez (1977) is part of the Colección Fundación Juan March since last October. The large size structure, made of sandalwood and paper, has been hanged in the staircase of Museu Fundación Juan March in Palma de Mallorca, where it floats light weight in the company of sculptures by Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida.

Image: Xisco Bonnín. Courtesy Fundación Juan March, Madrid.

Todd James: Biennale Rose Béton

September 27, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Musée des Abattoirs – FRAC Occitanie, Toulouse

Since April 2019, Rose Béton invites artists to make Toulouse an open-air gallery, a city more than ever international and colorful. For a highlight now unavoidable of the Biennale, three artists from the international scene are moving to les Abattoirs.

In resonance with the exhibition of Peter Saul Pop, Funk, Bad Painting and More, the Musée des Abattoirs will host the work by the artists Tania Mouraud, Todd James, and Cleon Peterson.

More information at: Rose Béton
Image: Benjamin Roudet

KAWS: Playtime & Companionship in the Age of Loneliness

September 20, 2019 - April 13, 2020

NGV National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness is a major contribution to the growing international reputation of this contemporary artist. This exhibition introduces audiences to the full range of KAWS’s artistic output, including a newly commissioned monumental sculpture (his largest bronze sculpture to date), paintings reworking pop-culture figures and an impressive collection of human-scale sculptural figures.

More information at: NGV

José María Yturralde: COSMOSCAOS [Obras 1966 - 2019]

September 5 - October 27, 2019

CEART - Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, Fuenlabrada (Madrid)
Curated by Alfonso de la Torre

CEART Fuenlabrada

Hannah Collins: I Will Make Up a Song

August 31, 2019 - January 5, 2020

SFMOMA - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (California)

This presentation brings together still photography and an immersive video installation exploring the work of Egyptian Modernist architect Hassan Fathy. Searching for models that might address the urgent contemporary problems of housing, poverty, and environmental sustainability, Collins (English, b. 1956) reconsiders Fathy’s mid-twentieth-century utopian experiments in sustainable architecture and rural community building at New Gourna and New Baris in Egypt. Her installation underscores the visual and philosophical connections between the ancient Egyptian structures and Fathy’s historically grounded, forward-looking designs, and prompts us to meditate on the past as well as contemplate new solutions for the future.

More information at: SFMOMA

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Comeback. Art - Historical Renaissances

July 20 - November 10, 2019

Kunsthalle Tübingen, Tübingen (Germany)

In times of change a desire often emerges to preserve and recall our own roots. Correspondingly, there is a boom in things historical currently. In advertising, fashion and film today, the Old is being positioned as the Authentic, as opposed to a unified mass-produced culture, and is frequently being idealized with a strong touch of nostalgia.
In contemporary art too, the art of past centuries is experiencing a veritable comeback. While in the 1980s, under the heading Appropriation Art, the art of modernism and above all the 20th century was being cited by artists, for some years now we have been witnessing an increased orientation around Old Masters painting and traditional techniques. A younger generation is turning to the art of past epochs and, as carriers of cultural memory updating the “mnemic energies” (Aby Warburg) stored in the masterpieces for today.

More information at: Kunsthalle Tübingen

Hannah Collins: I will make up a song and sing it in a theatre with night air above my head

June 21 - October 13, 2019

Fundación Antoni Tàpies, Barcelone

The project that Collins presents at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies focuses on the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy (1900 - 1989). In these photographs, either mounted in sequence and screened as a film, or presented in large formats, Fathy emerges as the spectre of a forgotten modern vernacular legacy. The remains of large projects conceived in the twentieth century, such as that made in New Gourna (1945 - 1947) or the one in New Baris (1965 - 1967), are subject to a perspective that seeks formulas for the future.

More information at: Fundación Tàpies

Allison Schulnik: Suffering From Realness

March 31, 2019 - February 2, 2020

MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts
Curated by Denise Markonish

Allison Schunik debuts her new film Moth as part of this exhibition that explores the politics of representation — and the ways in which artists use the body to grasp at and re-center the “aura of realness” in an age of uncertainty, as realness in the 21st century is an increasingly complicated concept.
The artists whose work comprise Suffering From Realness examine the human condition from all sides, creating works in various media that are both personal and universal, addressing racism, violence, gender equality, the politicized body of wartime, the anxious body, the complexity of responsibility, and the future.

More information at: MASS MoCA

Alex Katz

December 6, 2018 - April 22, 2019

Museum Brandhorst, Munich
Curated by Jacob Proctor

The exhibition draws on the museum’s own extensive collection of works by the artist—including masterpieces from across his long career—supplemented by key works from other public and private collections, and provides an extended glimpse into the prolific production of this 91-year-old painter. Featuring about ninety works—including some of the artist’s most important paintings—the exhibition will offer visitors a retrospective overview of this seminal artist’s oeuvre from the 1950s to today.

More information at: Museum Brandhorst

Francesco Clemente: Works 1978 - 2018

November 12, 2018 - April 1, 2019

The Brant Foundation Art Study Center, Greenwich (Connecticut)

The exhibition brings together a concise but comprehensive selection spanning 40 years of the artist’s work including self-portraits and portraits, works on paper, frescoes, monumental oil and watercolor paintings, and one of the artist’s notable hand painted tents. Executed in Rome, New York, Taos, Varanasi, Jodhpur, Orissa, Pondicherry, and Madras, the works have traveled far and been dispersed among museum collections and art patrons. They now come together for Francesco Clemente: Works 1978–2018, each with its own story to tell. Non-chronological in nature, the exhibition interweaves threads that have been a constant in Clemente’s long-spanning oeuvre, and presents ideas and questions that persist throughout his various transformations in medium.

More information: The Brant Foundation Art Study Center

Alex Katz & Francesco Clemente

October 14 - 28, 2018

TERRADA Art Complex 4F. 1-33-10 Higashi Shinagawa. Shinagawa - ku, Tokyo 140-002, Japan
Curated by Jimena López

Galería Javier López & Fer Francés is pleased to present the first show of the two well-established contemporary artists Alex Katz and Francesco Clemente in Tokyo, Japan. For this special occasion, we are presenting a selection of hand-picked, unique paintings focused on genres which have made them internationally acclaimed. This special selection includes Katz’s landscapes and portraits, alongside pieces of Clemente’s watercolour paintings from the early 90s.

José María Yturralde: Madrid, October 68. The Spanish Experimental Scene

October 12, 2018 - February 24, 2019

FRAC Centre - Val de Loire, Orléans
Curated by Mónica García Martinez and Abdelkader Damani

In autumn of 2018, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire will inaugurate the first exhibition in France dedicated to the Spanish experimental scene of the 1960’s and 1980’s.
The retrospective portrays the incredible adventure of the University of Madrid’s Computing Center, which brought together artists, architects, engineers, scientists and intellectuals to explore the possibilities offered by automatic computer generated calculation. These pioneers formed a community whose - collective - experience working at the crossroads of art and computing asserted a different form of artistic production between disciplines.

More information: FRAC Centre

Peter Halley: New York, New York

September 20 - December 31, 2018

Lever House Art Collection, New York
Curated by Roya Sachs

Lever House Art Collection presents New York, New York, a site‐specific commission by New York artist Peter Halley (b. 1953). The large‐scale installation encompasses Lever House’s ground‐floor lobby in addition to the dramatic block‐long band of windows ringing the building’s second floor. The exhibition includes six large shaped‐canvas paintings as well as a sequence of digitally‐generated mural works hidden within a seemingly impenetrable block‐like central structure.

More information: Lever House Art Collection

Manuel León: He visto color. Tócame con el ojo

April 19 - June 10, 2018

Centro de Arte Rafael Botí - Fundación Provincial de Artes Plásticas Rafael Botí, Córdoba

The Sevillian painter Manuel León, who won the Bienal de Pintura Rafael Botí award two years ago in recognition of his career and the insertion of his work in the discourse of contemporary painting, returns to the Botí Foundation with a colorful exhibition. The exhibition has 34 works between canvases and watercolors and also with the video of the action - concert La costillla de Rocío, with the singer Rocío Márquez and the lighting work of Manuel León with Benito Jiménez (member of Los Voluble), as well as works from his previous major exhibitions in Malaga and Madrid.

More information: Fundación Rafael Botí

Francesco Clemente: Everything We Do is Music

April 15 - June 10, 2018

Pasquart Kunsthaus, Biel / Bienne
Curated by Shanay Shaveri

In the Ragamalas from the 17th century the depiction of the Raga, the basic melodic structure of Indian music, is a central motif. Ragas consist of a selection of five to seven notes, open space for improvisations and contain a main note to which the singer repeatedly returns. Following this tradition, artists working in drawing, performance or animation express the features of Indian music, thereby making it possible to experience the connection between music and contemporary art. The rhythm in image and sound gives way to figurative and abstract visual languages. Works with the most different temporal and geographical origins enter into a mutually reinforcing dialogue.

More information: Pasquart

Jan Fabre: Stigmata. Actions & performances 1976 - 2017

March 23 - September 2, 2018

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville

Belgian artist Jan Fabre (1958) is one of the most innovative and important contemporary figures in the international art scene. As an artist, playwright and author, he has created an extremely characteristic and unmistakable world. This exhibition at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo provides an overview of the last four decades of Fabre´s production in the field of performance, with study models, drawings, costume elements, photographs, films, video recordings and documents from the archive.

More information at: CAAC

José María Yturralde: The Asia Principle. China, Japan and India & contemporary art in Spain (1957 - 2017)

March 8 - June 24, 2018

Fundación Juan March, Madrid
Curated by Manuel Fontán, Inés Vallejo, Matilde Arias, Pilar Cabañas, María Jesús Ferro

More information at: Fundación Juan March

Manuel León: Neighbours IV

February 14, 2018

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

The permanent collection of the CAC Málaga brings art closer to home in Neighbors IV. Up-and-coming local talents and consecrated names on the contemporary scene will exhibit their works together in this new tribute to “neighbourhood” art. Since its inauguration in 2003, the centre has maintained and strengthened its commitment to the local art scene with a variety of solo and group exhibitions over the last fifteen years.
Manuel León shows anguished faces before a commonplace Venus in Vuelven los problemas del siglo pasado [The Problems of the Last Century Resurface] (2016), reworking the iconography of the biblical tale of Susannah and the Elders.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Francesco Clemente: Everything We Do is Music

November 30, 2017 - March 4, 2018

Drawing Room, London
Curated by Shanay Jhaveri

This exhibition explores how Indian classical music has inspired modern and contemporary artists, traces a long history, from early Indian miniature paintings (Ragamalas) through to drawings, animations and video works from the present day. Including works by pivotal Indian and Pakistani artists, it also features a number of works previously unseen in the UK, presents newly commissioned pieces. The exhibition explores the influence of Indian classical music on important American artists, and its wider influence on western popular and counterculture.

Image courtesy of Drawing Room, 2017. Photographer Damien Griffiths.
More information: Drawing Room

José María Yturralde: Biennale d'Architecture d'Orleáns

October 13, 2017 - April 1, 2018

Marcher dans le rêve d'un autre / Walking Through Someone Else's Dream
Curated by Abdelkader Damani and Luca Galofaro

The Biennale d’Architecture d’Orléans is a “biennial of collections” constructed as a confluence of memory: the memories of the works in the collection and those of the guest architects and artists. The idea is to question them regarding the ways in which they wander through our dreams and fears, in order to come back and tell us our story.
Tribute is paid to the Spanish experimental architecture scene, from the 1960s through to today’s young generation, on the street in Orléans, rue Jeanne-d’Arc. Twenty-two flags designed for the occasion are installed in the place where the city celebrates its popular festivals—the Loire Festival and the Joan of Arc Festival—through its tradition of decorative flagging. Through this act, the Biennale takes place not only in the public space, but also in it’s tradition, it’s customs.

More information: Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans #1

Jan Fabre: Stigmata. Actions & Performances 1976 - 2016

July 7 - August 27, 2017

Leopold Museum, Vienna. Organized by Angelos bvba in cooperation with ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival. Curated by Germano Celant

STIGMATA is a voyage into the memory of one of the biggest contemporary artists through drawings, photographs, sculptures, costumes, texts quotes, archival documents and study models – which Fabre refers to as “Thinking Models” – and filmic documentations of his performance and poetic actions, from the second half of the 1970s to the present. Visitors are greeted by a labyrinth of tables introducing the artist’s philosophies. This tool serves to understand his ideas, his memories, his art, profoundly inspired by the traditions of Flemish painting and focused on the study and use of the body.
More information: Leopold Museum
Image: Tea-hangover © Angelos bvba | Photo: Marc Gubbels

Jan Fabre: Glass and Bone Sculptures 1977 - 2017

May 13 - November 26, 2017

Abbazia di San Gregorio, Venice
Curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Katerina Koskina & Dimitri Ozerkov

Jan Fabre is fascinated by the alchemy and the memory of materials. With this body of work, the artist refers to both the Flemish masters who used pulverized bone in paint pigment and the craftsmanship of the Venetian glassblowers. Fabre deliberately chooses two hard materials that are strong though at the same time delicate and fragile. Protective and functional.
As a collateral event of the 57th Venice Biennale, the exhibition traces Jan Fabre’s output since its early days, prompting a philosophical, spiritual and political reflection on life and death centred on the crucial notion of metamorphosis, presenting works in glass and bone produced between 1977 and 2017, now brought together for the first time.

More information at:
Image: Untitled (Bone Ear), 1988. © Angelos bvba. Photo: Pat Verbruggen.

Jan Fabre: Glasstress 2017

May 11 - November 26, 2017

Palazzo Franchetti, Venice. Organized by Fondazione Berengo
Curated by Dimitri Ozerkov, Herwig Kempinger & Adriano Berengo

Returning to Venice for the 57th Venice Biennale, Glasstress brings together 33 leading contemporary artists from Europe, the United States, the Middle East and China in an ambitious exhibition exploring the endless creative possibilities of glass. Since its debut as a collateral event of the Venice Biennale in 2009, Glasstress has revived the traditional craft of Murano glassblowing by forging new alliances with internationally renowned artists and designers and has since become an unparalleled platform showcasing ground-breaking new works in glass.

More information at: Glasstress
Image: Holy Dung Beetle with Laurel Tree, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Berengo Studio. Photo: Francesco Allegretto.


March 28 - August 13, 2017

Yuz Museum, West Bund Shanghai

It is not only the largest KAWS’s exhibition in China, but also his first survey exhibition in Asia. It will feature his key paintings, sculptures, drawings, toys, and advertisement interventions to examine his prolific career in depth, revealing critical aspects of his formal, conceptual, and collaborative developments over the last twenty years.
Spanning the worlds of graffiti, pop art, and consumer culture, KAWS’s bodies of work are highly charged, each conveying his underlying wit, irreverence, and affection for our times, as well as his agility as an artist. Well known for his larger-than-life sculpture and hard-edge paintings that emphasize line and color, KAWS’s cast of hybrid cartoon / human characters, with similarities to popular cartoon figures and logos, are perhaps the strongest examples of his exploration of humanity.

More information at: Yuz Museum

José María Yturralde: Forma 70's. Abstracción y Figuración en la Colección Fundación Caja Navarra

February 24 - April 2, 2017

Fundación María Forcada. Casa del Almirante, Tudela

Alex Katz: Black and White

February 23 - May 29, 2017

Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa (Florida)

The Tampa Museum of Art will present a survey of black and white works by the legendary artist Alex Katz (American, b. 1927). An artist of international renown, this exhibition features Katz’s signature portraits of family and friends, renderings of Maine’s countryside, and ephemeral still lifes. The stark contrasts in light and shadow, as well as the emphasis on line and form, illustrate the beauty of Katz’s reductive black and white landscapes and figurative work. A select group of color works will illustrate the relationship between Katz’s vibrant palette and the graphic quality of his black and white prints.

More information at: Tampa Museum

Pilar Albarracín: En Toute Modestie / Archipel Di Rosa

February 4 - September 17, 2017

MIAM - Musée International des Arts Modestes, Sète
Curated by Julie Crenn

More information at: MIAM

Leo Villareal: Current


The team led by the internationally acclaimed American light artist Leo Villarreal and renowned British architects and urban planners Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands has won the Illuminated River International Design Competition given by the Illuminated River Foundation. The Illuminated River is a design commission on an unprecedented scale: a unified scheme conceived to light central London's bridges along the River Thames in a free, permanent light installation. The winning project, selected among 105 teams in 20 countries around the world, will start to develop the design concepts in collaboration with stakeholders and partners along the river, and in consultation with the public. This work will take place in 2017.

More information at: Illuminated London

José María Yturralde: Cartografies del sublim

November 21, 2016 - January 20, 2017

Centre Cultural La Nau - Sala Martínez Guerricabeitia, Valencia
Curated by Santiago Pastor

The exhibition project focuses on his most recent artistic production. Through a selection of ten large format works, the exhibition appeal to the sensitivity of the spectators, taking them to reflection and emotion spaces where the idea of the sublime prevails.
The exhibition is part of the joint of commemorative activities of the I Centenary of the San Juan de Ribera Hall of Residence of Burjassot, from which the artist was fellow (post obtained through competitive examination) of San Juan de Ribera Hall of Residence through his training university period.

More information at: La Nau

Hannah Collins

November 17 - December 16, 2016

École supérieure des beaux-arts Tours Angers Le Mans - École du Mans, Le Mans

In 2016, after major exhibitions in Germany and United Kingdom (Sprengel Museum in Hannover, Camden Art Center in Londres, and Baltic Center for Contemporary Art in Newcastle), Hannah Collins presents her photographic work at the École supérieure des beaux-arts TALMS l Le Mans.

More information: ESBA TALM

Phil Frost: Magnetic Shift

October 31, 2016 - August 18, 2017

Corning Tower Plaza and Concourse Levels - Empire State Plaza, Albany (New York)

The exhibition Magnetic Shift will include a selection of Frost’s paintings and three-dimensional pieces, including never previously exhibited works. Frost will be the first artist to ever hold a major solo exhibition alongside the Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza Art Collection, which reaches its 50th anniversary this year.

More information at: New York State Office of General Services

Francesco Clemente: Dormiveglia

October 23, 2016 - April 23, 2017

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale

This exhibition includes a series of nine, majestic large-scale paintings by Francesco Clemente (born 1952 in Naples, Italy, lives and works in New York and India). Painted in New York in 1998, the Dormiveglia series takes its title from the Italian expression connoting the state between sleep and awakening and captures the state in which reality intrudes into the realm of dreams.
Each canvas is painted in a washed pastel palette and depicts a statuesque, classically draped goddess-like figure that hovers between land and sea, antiquity and modernity, the sublime and the grotesque. As in dreams, these phantoms seem intent on communicating knowledge and human emotion through symbols and their pantomime of cryptic gestures. A selection of related Clemente watercolors and works on paper is also on view to augment the Dormiveglia series.

More information at: NSU Art Museum


October 20, 2016 - January 22, 2017

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas
Curated by Andrea Karnes

This major survey exhibition of the work of Brooklyn-based artist KAWS (American, born 1974) will feature key paintings, sculptures, drawings, toys, and street art interventions to examine KAWS’s prolific career in depth, revealing critical aspects of his formal, conceptual, and collaborative developments over the last twenty years. This presentation will travel to the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, China (March - August 2017).

More information at: The Modern

David Salle: Inspired by True-Life Events

September 16 - December 4, 2016

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo of Málaga is proud to host David Salle’s first show at a museum in Spain after a sixteen-year absence. For Inspired by True-Life Events, the title of the exhibition curated by Fernando Francés, the American artist has selected 32 paintings produced between 1992 and the present day. His canvases combine formulas borrowed from various creative disciplines with dramatic themes of strong emotional impact. Salle’s large formats layer a variety of culturally specific images, words and objects with provocative elements.

More information at: CAC Málaga

José María Yturralde: The Thinking Machine. Ramon Llull and the 'ars combinatoria'

July 13 - December 11, 2016

CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Curated by Amador Vega

This exhibition explores the impact of the philosopher Ramon Llull (1232-1316) on the arts, literature, science and technology. This controversial man, admired and scorned by some of the most enlightened minds in European culture, has acquired a new importance in the current debate on the ways knowledge is shared with others. A topical figure today, he was also one of the leading lights in the intellectual circles of the late 13th century, in which Arab, Jewish and Christian philosophers and scientists alike participated.

More information at: CCCB

Francesco Clemente: Fiori d'inverno a New York

June 29 - October 2, 2016

Santa Maria della Scala, Siena
Curated by Max Seidel and Carlotta Castellani

With this exhibition, the Neapolitan artist pays tribute to Siena with the presentation of a dozen of unpublished large format works around two distinct cycles: the Fiori d'inferno series, which has taken him five years of observing the flowers that can be found in the American metropolis during the coldest months of the year, while the series that revolves around the great canvas of Albero della Vita summarizes the language of emblems adopted by Clemente since his beginnings.

More information: Santa Maria della Scala

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Black Box

June 23 - September 25, 2016

Mapfre Foundation, Madrid
Curated by Philip Larratt-Smith

A multidisciplinary artist, Hiroshi Sugimoto works with photography, sculpture, architecture and installation. Within the field of photography he is considered one of the most important creative figures of the past few decades, with work represented in collections such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Smithsonian in Washington, and the National Gallery and Tate Modern in London.

More information: Mapfre Foundation

Manuel León: De la pintura, el sur

June 9 - September 11, 2016

MAD Antequera, Malaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

This exhibition brings together a selection of sixteen large format works from fifteen Andalusian creators, proposing a review of the current figurative art in different formats and styles. The exhibition space is share by artists of different generations and paths with the South of Spain as a meeting point. Along with the paintings of Santiago Ydáñez, Chema Cobo, Curro González, Abraham Lacalle, Simon Zabell or Miki Leal, Manuel Leon with his unique style shows an original interpretation of the Baroque.

More information at: MAD Antequera

Alex Katz: Quick Light

June 2 - September 11, 2016

Serpentine Gallery, London

This exhibition takes landscape as its focus, bringing together Katz’s extraordinarily productive output of recent years alongside select works from the past two decades. Katz’s landscape paintings exemplify his life-long quest to capture the present tense in paint. Regardless of their scale, Katz describes these paintings as ‘environmental’ in the way in which they envelop the viewer. Defined by temporal qualities of light, times of the day and the changing of the seasons, these paintings respond and relate to the unique context of the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. The exhibition will also include a recent series of portraits.

More information at: Serpentine Gallery

Peter Halley: The Schirn Ring

May 12 - August 21, 2016

Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
Curated by Max Hollein

Halley has developed a multi-part installation, using the architecture and spatial conditions of the Rotunda and the Schirn Kunsthalle as his starting point. He examines in his geometrical abstract painting and site-specific installations the spatial as well as communication and organizational structures that dominate everyday life.
In the gallery on the first floor, Halley has covered the walls from floor to ceiling with a digital print-out of his computer-drawn studies. On the second floor, he has chosen by contrast to present a montage from his sketchbooks from the 1980s – on a yellow background.

More information: Schirn Ring

Manuel León: Otras Tauromaquia. En el 200 aniversario de la Tauromaquia de Goya

April 27 - May 25, 2016

Calcografía Nacional - Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid
Curated by Rafael Doctor

Two hundred years after the publication of Tauromaquia of Goya, this exhibition, designed by Capital Animal, proposes to revise the series through new interpretations coupled with a contemporary feel, which rejects the continuation of this type of celebration in the current world. Along with the original etchings by Goya, works by El Roto, Forges, and Manuel Leon, among will be display.

More info: RABASF

José María Yturralde: La pintura, el viaje, la contemplación

April 6 - June 17, 2017

Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Valencia
Organized by Banca March

The exhibition brings together a selection of works by Fernando Zóbel, Jordi Teixidor, and José María Yturralde, from different private and public collections - among them we can highlight the ones of the Fundación Chirivella Soriano, and Museo de Arte Abstracto Español de Cuenca. The selection includes painting, sculpture, prints, travel sketchbooks, and other documents.
Vital and artistic trips of the three principal painters in the show converge in the meeting between the young students Teixidor and Yturralde and Fernando Zóbel in the city of Cuenca in the 1960s.

More information at: Fundación Chirivella Soriano


February 6 - June 12, 2016

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

This is the first UK museum exhibition of work by the renowned American artist KAWS, whose wide ranging practice includes painting, sculpture, graphic design, toys and prints. The expansive Longside Gallery featured the artist’s large, bright, graphic canvases immaculately rendered in acrylic paint, alongside towering sculptures in fibreglass and wood. The historically designed landscape of YSP became home to a series of monumental and imposing sculptures in KAWS’s trademark style – nostalgic characters in the process of growing up. These works can be seen at YSP until December 2016.

More information at: YSP

Liam Gillick: Campaign. An Exhibition in Four Moments

January 28, 2016 - January 8, 2017

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto
Curated by Suzanne Cotter and Filipa Loureiro

This first exhibition in Portugal of influential New York-based British artist Liam Gillick (1964, Aylesbury, UK) results from a series of site visits to the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art made since 2013. The subsequent exhibition takes the form of a year-long presentation and reflects Gillick’s long-standing engagement with questions of process, participation, collectivity and decision-making, and of which his varied approach to language and the language of space are an expression.

More information at: Serralves

José María Yturralde: Transfinito

December 11, 2015 - February 29, 2016

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

The Center of Contemporary Art in Malaga presents José María Yturralde´s exhibition Transfinito, where he presents a selection of recent works, among which a dozen paintings have been created expressly for the occasion. In these compositions we can highlight the lighting contrast and colour transitions that served him to reflect on ideas such as the emptiness or the universe. The artist lives and works in Valencia.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Manuel León: Neighbours III

November 18, 2015

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

CAC Málaga presents Neighbours III, a selection of works with the city of Málaga as a reference. The show comprises 86 artworks by 30 different artists from the first decade of the 21st Century to last year, some of them recently acquired by the center. Renowned names who has previously exhibited in the museum with solo or group shows, share the room with other artists who will show their work for the first time at CAC Málaga.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Peter Halley: Geometry of the Absurd

November 8, 2015 - February 21, 2016

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Geometry of the Absurd: Recent Paintings by Peter Halley features eight iconic paintings by the artist produced from 2007 to 2015, representing his first solo museum exhibition in the Western United States. The exhibition title references the plethora of “open” societal systems that farcically disguise closed loops or, in the case of Halley’s work, confined cells. The paintings selected for the exhibition share in common a unique double-stack composition—two cells, one on top of another. This motif, appearing in Halley's work in the postmillennial period, is examined for the first time in this exhibition.

More information at: Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Leo Villareal: Buckyball & Diamond Sea

November 5, 2015 - Autumn, 2016

NorthPark Center, Dallas - Texas

NorthPark Center is pleased to present a new exhibition by leading contemporary artist Leo Villarreal. Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger commissioned Buckyball specifically for CenterPark Garden, where it will be on permanent view. The work is inspired by Buckminster Fuller and combines concepts of geometry and coding with illuminated sculpture. While the mirrored façade of Diamond Sea (2007), pinpricked by flashed of light, is evocative of the sun catching the spontaneous ripples in the sea.

More information at: NorthPark Center

Alex Katz: This is Now

October 23, 2015 - February 7, 2016

Guggenheim Bilbao, organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Curated by Michael Rooks and Petra Joos

Landscape is one of the main themes in the work of Alex Katz, one of the most unique voices in American art. This exhibition shows the artist's approach to this subject over different phases in his career, and spans from the 1980s to his latest paintings of monumental landscape. These works reveal Katz's mastery over materials as well as the power and clarity of his vision.

More information at: Guggenheim Bilbao

Sarah Morris: Astros Hawk

October 18, 2015 - March 20, 2016

M – Museum Leuven, Belgium
Curated by Eva Wittocx

The exhibition consists of several series of paintings and drawings, four films, including the most recent film, Strange Magic (2014), Rio (2012), Beijing (2008) and 1972 (2008), and a large-scale site-specific wall painting. M – Museum is publishing a new book on Sarah Morris, CAPITAL letters read better for Initials, featuring an essay by Frédéric Paul, curator at the MNAM-CCI / Centre Georges Pompidou, which offers an overview of her work and her beguiling position as an artist.

More information at: M-Museum Leuven

Alex Katz: Alex Katz at the Met

October 9, 2015 - June 26 2016

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

This exhibition gathers works by Alex Katz (American, born 1927), one of our era's most acclaimed artists. These eight works span nearly the entire arc of Katz's career and include drawings, prints, and paintings. Among the works are two cutouts, the innovative artistic device that Katz pioneered in the late 1950s; a haunting cityscape; several portraits of Ada, Katz's wife and long-time muse; and portraits of luminaries from Katz's own social and artistic circles.

More information at: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hannah Collins

September 25, 2015 - January 10, 2016

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead

British artist Hannah Collins is known for her large unframed photographs and installations that create immersive spatial and poetic experiences. Spanning Collins' career to date, this exhibition reveals her capacity to convey the emotional and psychological aspects of cultural space and social history. A new project The Fertile Forest (2013-15) looks at our engagement with nature through the artist's relationship with the Cofan and Inga tribes in the rainforest with whom she lived whilst making this new work.

This exhibition is organised in association with Camden Arts Centre, London.
More information at: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Francesco Clemente, Peter Halley, Jenny Holzer, Alex Katz, David Salle

September 18, 2015 - January 31, 2016

The Mannequin of History. Art After Fabrications of Critique and Culture
Manifattura Tabacchi Modena, Modena
Curated by Richard Milazzo

The exhibition itinerary includes paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations with works by 48 protagonists of the international art scene of recent decades. As well as testifying to the by no means provincial nature of local collecting, the group show also raises issues questioning the very nature of art through works representative of various contemporary styles and movements: Conceptualism, Appropriation Art, Neo-Pop, Superkitsch, Arte Povera, Transavanguardia, Neo-Expressionism, various forms of Realism, YBA (Young British Artists), Düsseldorf School, Figuration, Abstractism and Hyperrealism.

More information at: mata Modena

Alex Katz: Brand - New & Terrific: Alex Katz in the 1950s

July 11 - October 18, 2015

Colby Museum of Art, Waterville - Maine

The 1950s saw American artist Alex Katz (b. 1927) take up and master painting directly from nature, lay claim to Abstract Expressionism’s size and scale on behalf of figurative painting, and innovate with collages and cutouts. This major exhibition will introduce audiences to an overlooked body of work and consider it within the context of the aesthetic commitments of the decade. Brand-New & Terrific: Alex Katz in the 1950s features sixty-five paintings, cutouts, and collages, including many on loan from the artist and major public and private collections.

More information at: Colby Museum of Art

Hannah Collins

July 4 - September 13, 2015

Camden Arts Centre, London

Hannah Collins (b. 1956, London) is well known for her large unframed photographs that cover whole walls, creating immersive spatial experiences. Her installations also extend to film and sound. Filling all of Camden Arts Centre’s galleries, the exhibition demonstrates Collins’ ability to convey the emotional registers of space – across interiors, places of itinerancy and temporary inhabitation, sites of political significance as well as journeys into imaginative or unconscious realms.

More information at: Camden Arts Centre

Hannah Collins’ career began in the UK, and her institutional recognition has been marked by solo exhibitions at Ikon Gallery, 1988; ICA London 1989; Chisenhale Gallery, 1996; Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, 1996; Contemporary Art Centre, Glasgow, 1996; as well as a nomination for The Turner Prize in 1993.

KAWS / Erik Parker: Respect

June 26 - September 27, 2015

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

The CAC Málaga is presenting the exhibition Respect, a selection of four works by three artists of two different generations which aims to create a connecting link between the exhibitions on Shepard Fairey and D*Face also on display. This exhibition, curated by Fernando Francés, consists of two paintings by Peter Saul, considered one of the founding figures of American Pop Art, and one painting each by KAWS and Erik Parker, representing street artists of the generation born around the 1970s. This exhibition has benefitted from the collaboration of the Automotor Premium.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Alex Katz: This Is Now

June 21 - September 6, 2015

High Museum of Art - Atlanta, Georgia

A major exhibition of more than 60 works created between 1954 and 2013 by internationally acclaimed artist Alex Katz. This Is Now explores the development of landscape in Katz's career, from a seminal subject in his earliest work to its prominence in Katz's art of the last twenty-five years.

More information at: High Museum

Alex Katz emerged in the 1950s as a figurative painter in an age of abstraction, challenging critics who shunned imagery in art, especially the figure. While rejecting Abstract Expressionism’s abandonment of imagery, Katz embraced its energy and formal logic. Although best known for his portraits, Katz has painted landscapes both inside the studio and in the out-of-doors since the beginning of his career.
Katz described his goal as the pursuit of capturing "quick things passing" in his work. Katz's monumental landscape paintings are executed in what is now considered a signature style characterized by flattened planes of color, shallow pictorial space, and lean, reductive but acutely descriptive lines. In them, Katz seeks to convey the appearance of things as they are both felt and perceived in the "present tense," the now.

Francesco Clemente: Encampment

June 12, 2015 - January, 2016

MASS MoCA - Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams

“I’m told I am a nomadic artist,” artist Francesco Clemente once dryly noted. In Encampment Clemente’s transitory experience of changing geographies, diverse cultural climates, and indeed consciousness itself infuses his imagery and art with a particularly rich range of references and meaning. For the past three decades Clemente has traveled often, dividing his work and primary residences between Varanasi, India, and New York. His aesthetic investigation of states of flux delves into the nature of passage itself. “I believe in this movement of generating and dissolving, and regenerating and dissolving again — this is a technique for the mind to become and remain awake,” Clemente explains. Passages between bodily pleasure and changing spiritual states, between acts of destruction and creation, and between the seen and unseen are all at the heart of Encampment.
More information at: MASS MoCA

KAWS: Along The Way

June 10 - December 6

Brooklyn Museum, New York
Curated by Eugenie Tsai

ALONG THE WAY, KAWS’s colossal eighteen-foot-high wood sculpture portrays a pair of gigantic figures with their heads lowered and with one arm around each other in a gentle embrace. The sculpture alludes to familiar childhood toys and cartoon characters while at the same time transforming their identities with a radical shift in scale, presenting them as monumental cultural presences.
The exhibition also includes the paintings GLASS SMILE (2012) and SHOULD I BE ATTACKING (2013).

More information at: Brookyn Museum

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Glass Tea House Mondrian

June 6 - November 30, 2015

Le Stanze del Vetro. Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia

The Glass Tea House Mondrian is an innovative project that provides a space in which to experience architecture, where the pavilion itself becomes the exhibition, an innovative example in which the artist freely suggests a theme and a project, allowing experimentation with the setting, shapes, building techniques and innovative materials. The pavilion consists of two main elements, an open-air landscape courtyard and an enclosed glass cube. The landscape courtyard follows a path along a reflecting pool leading the visitor to a glass cube. The long reflecting pool, made of the glass mosaics at the centre of the landscape courtyard, represents the other main feature of the installation; it leads the visitor to the key area of the pavilion – the glass tea house.

More information at: Le Stanze del Vetro

KAWS: Along The Way, At This Time, Better Knowing

May 22 - September 22, 2015

ArtZuid. International Sculpture Route Amsterdam
Curated by Rudi Fuchs

KAWS has contributed to Amsterdam’s ArtZuid 2015 with a three-piece project. As a part of the event, here we find KAWS transporting three works from his Along the Way series to iconic locations in the Dutch capital. The main sculpture stands just outside of the prestigious Rijksmuseum, while the other two – At This Time and Better Knowing – are planted around South Amsterdam.

More information at: ArtZuid

Todd James: The Bridges of Graffiti

May 9 - November 22, 2015

Arterminal c/o Terminal San Basilio. Fondamenta Zattere Ponte di Legno, Venezia
Venice Biennial

The Bridges of Graffiti exhibition will debut on the occasion of the 56th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia. The artists involved, including Todd James, will work together for the very first time, bringing to life a single cohesive wall painting, together with some site specific works conceived especially for the exhibition.

More information at: The Bridges of Graffiti

Jenny Holzer: War Paintings

May 7 - November 22, 2015

Museo Correr, Venezia. Venice Biennial
Curated by Thomas Kellein

In cooperation with the Written Art Foundation of Frankfurt, the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by the American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer. For this collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale has been selected works from a decade of the artist’s war paintings, a significant departure from the LED installations for which Holzer is best known. The exhibition takes as its starting point declassified and other sensitive U.S. government documents concerning the global War on Terror that followed the events of September 11, 2001, as well as the United States military operations in Afghanistan an Iraq.

More information at: Museo Correr

Hannah Collins: SPECTRUM International Prize for Photography

March 7 - June 7, 2015

Sprengel Museum Hannover

Hannah Collins is the ninth winner of the “SPECTRUM” International Prize for Photography, awarded by the Foundation of Lower Saxony. This prize pays homage to an artist whose work has decidedly extended the spectrum of photographic expression.

Hannah Collins, born in London in 1956, made a name for herself during the 1980s with her large-format black-and-white photographs. In 1993 she was one of the nominees for the Turner Prize. Institutions that have honoured her with presentations of her work include the Centre Pompidou, Paris, the Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, and at the Walker Art Center Minneapolis.

More information at: Sprengel Museum Hannover

Distinguished by a poetic melancholy, Hannah Collins’ oeuvre ranks as one of the most complex and individual of its genre within the historical context of the 20th century. This exhibition shows a selection of her works, and will be accompanied by the first German-language monograph to provide a comprehensive introduction to her complex photographic oeuvre.

José María Yturralde: On Colour

February 23 - March 15, 2015

El Corte Inglés - Ámbito Cultural. Calle Preciados, Madrid

This project is part of the activities held to mark the 2015 ARCOmadrid art fair and presents artistic interventions of six prestigious contemporary art authors from three different generations. Abstraction, monochrome and inquiry about the colors are common elements in the proposals for Rosa Brun, Mitsuo Miura, Nico Munuera, Ángeles San José, Jordi Teixidor, and José María Yturralde.

More information at: Ámbito Cultural

In 2015 is met eleven years since Ámbito Cultural by El Corte Inglés, within the project AfterARCO from the ARCOmadrid art fair, initiated a program of artistic interventions that has the support of the City Council and the Community of Madrid. Its origin is in artistic processes during the sixties made in the centers of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where the windows of El Corte Inglés in both cities became real works of contemporary art, getting closer to the public. In 1963 Manrique, Miralles, Rueda, Sempere and Serrano participated and in 1965 Guinovart, Hernández Pijuan, Rafols Casamada, Subirachs, Tharrats and Todó. Both samples were reissued in 2005 and 2014 respectively.

Peter Halley: Big Paintings

February 6 - May 31, 2015

Florence Griswold Museum. Old Lyme, Connecticut
Curated by Bejamin Colman

Drawing on paintings from major public and private collections, Peter Halley: Big Paintings is a focused look at some of the artist’s most monumental paintings spanning his career from the 1980s to the present day. Since developing his iconic style in the early 1980s, Halley has worked at the forefront of a group of artists reinvigorating American abstraction with a critical lens focused on contemporary culture. Organized by the Museum’s assistant curator Benjamin Colman, this exhibition of nine monumental paintings highlights the evolution of Halley’s bold style and the sophistication of his ideas.

More information at: Florence Griswold Museum

José María Yturralde: Mariano Yera Collection

January 20 - March 22, 2015

Mariano Yera Collection. Spanish Masters of the second half of XXth Century
Centro del Carmen, Valencia

The Yera Collection, initiated by Mariano Yera in 1999, covers more than half a century of Spanish pictorial history through 150 works by 63 different artists, whose quality make this an unmissable exhibition. This exhibition, which started with the idea of traveling around the three Valencian provinces, seeks to convey both the thinking of artists as well as an epoch in the history of Spain through their works. Also remarkably in the collection is the number and quality of Valencian artists represented, owing to the fact that the first show organized by the Yera family was in this community. Prearranged chronologically, this selection is mainly from the 50s in the twentieth century to the 90s, with pieces of Rivera, Saura, Millares, Feito, Tàpies, Sempere, Equipo Crónica, Yturralde, Lucio Muñoz, Josep Guinovart, Barceló, Guerrero, Miguel Ángel Campano, Pérez Villalta, Palazuelo, and Gordillo.

More information at: Centro del Carmen de Valencia

José María Yturralde: In Transit

January 15 - August 30, 2015

IVAM - Centre Julio González, Valencia
Curated by: José Miguel G. Cortés, and Álvaro de los Ángeles

The exhibition consists of about sixty photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and videos belonging to the IVAM Collection and connected with the theme, interpreting it from various angles and unfolding in space like an archetypal story with its exposition, crux and denouement.

In Transit will be subdivided into three major sections: Diving into the Debris, which will provide the literal starting point for the exhibition and metaphorically represent the initial situation of this new era. Mutations, which will present elements of transit, attitudes that have to do with metamorphosis, the change involved in moving from one stage to another. Fluid Identities / Cartographies, which will act as the conclusion of this transitory process in which what predominates is the presence of the body as a space in constant process and its metaphorical connection with landscape and territory.

More information at: IVAM

Manuel León: A World Without Light

November 28, 2014 - February 8, 2015

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

The CAC Málaga presents, the first solo exhibition of the artist from Seville Manuel León, in a museum. A world without light is the name of the exhibition curated by Fernando Francés and consists of 42 works that address current issues from a critical and ironic point of view at the same time. With baroque influences, Manuel Leon’s paintings represent penitents with covered faces, ingrained into popular culture, especially during Holy Week. These figures allow the artist to conceal the feelings that are felt in today’s society, such as the crisis of values, as well as economical. The artist wants to draw attention to the hopes and fears that each individual has to face in the present era. Manuel Leon lives and works in Seville.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Manuel León: Neighbours II

October 23, 2014

CAC Málaga - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga
Curated by Fernando Francés

CAC Málaga presents Neighbours II, a selection of works with the city of Málaga as a reference. The show comprises 66 artworks by 26 artists from the first decade of the 21st Century to last year, some of them recently acquired by the center. Renowned names who has previously exhibited in the museum with solo or group shows, share the room with other artists who will show their work for the first time at CAC Málaga.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Hannah Collins, Peter Halley: A crossroads of collections

October 16, 2014 - January 25, 2015

CAAM - Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo

The current exhibition has been organised to celebrate CAAM’s 25th anniversary, and proposes a dialogue between our collection and the collections of other leading public and private art centres, to whom we are extremely grateful for their close collaboration over these many years. 'A Crossroads of collections' fosters a ‘conversation’ between private and public collections in our surrounding area of influence in order to define our new and changing reality, in this way opening up a new path for the museographic reinterpretation of the CAAM’s holdings.

More information at: CAAM

John Zurier: MATRIX 255

September 12 - December 21, 2014

University of California - BAM Berkeley Art Museum / PFA Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California
Curated by Apsara DiQuinzio

Born in Santa Monica, Zurier received both his BA and MFA from the University of California, Berkeley. For MATRIX 255, his first solo exhibition in a museum, Zurier debuts a new body of paintings and watercolors inspired by Iceland, where he has been traveling, teaching, and painting since 2011. Zurier’s abstractions evoke the ice, fog, wind, water, and light of the Icelandic landscape, while also tapping into more timeless, contemplative states. Icy pale blue tones predominate, revealing the infinite range of the hue, as each composition strikes a unique, sensitive chord.

More information at: BAM/PFA Berkeley

Berkeley-based artist John Zurier (b. 1956) paints abstract, luminous canvases with hand-mixed pigments that range from subtle, muted earth tones to vibrant, saturated hues. He uses a wide range of brushwork and surface treatments to draw attention to the varied textures of the canvas—often applying distemper (a tempera paint made with dry pigments in animal glue) in thin brushy layers—to capture qualities of light and the changing effects of the atmosphere. He builds compositions that are both simple and involved, paying close attention to all aspects of a painting’s construction, including the differences between cotton and linen surfaces, the weave of each canvas, and the individual properties of tempera versus oil paint. Informed by a wide range of references—Abstract Expressionism, Italian Renaissance painting, Minimalism, Japanese painting, and poetry—Zurier’s work transcends the mundane to enter an affective realm. “I’m very interested in how compositional formats and motifs and even incidents in a painting can trigger perceptual responses and associations,” Zurier says.

Francesco Clemente: Inspired by India

September 5, 2014 - February 2, 2015

The Rubin Museum of Art, New York
Curated by Beth Citron

The first museum exhibition devoted to the Indian influences in Clemente’s work and how they relate to the artistic practices and traditions of various regions in India features approximately 20 works, including paintings from the last 30 years, and four new, larger than life-size sculptures created especially for the exhibition. In contrast to leading conceptual art practices of the 1970s, Clemente refocused attention on representation, narrative, and the figure, and explored traditional, artisanal materials and modes of working.

More information at: The Rubin Museum of Art

Since his first trip to India in the 1970s, Francesco Clemente immersed himself in the country’s rich cultures as well as the everyday life and artistic practices of local people. Transforming ancient symbols, myths, and ideas, he has created a personal visual language of dreamlike landscapes, animals, and human figures drawn from recollections of his travels. Themes of sexuality, mythology, and spirituality, along with imaginary narratives of violence, intrigue, fragmentation, love, separation, and jealousy are seen throughout his oeuvre.

José María Yturralde: Sempere y su círculo en la colección Mariano Yera

July 3 - September 27, 2014

MACA Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante

Curated by Felipe Garín and produced by the Museums Consortium of the Valencian Generalitat, this exhibition shows a selection of 17 works by some of the most important Spanish artists of the second half of the Twentieth century in the Yera Colection - one of the most outstanding private collections in our country. The origin of this collection dates back to 1999, when Mariano Yera along with Javier Lacruz, began to collect Spanish painting from the second half of the Twentieth century under the name of Colección De Pictura, and from 2013 it has been known as Colección Mariano Yera.

Todd James: Strange Days

June 23 - August 27, 2014

Galería Javier López at Finca Cortesin presents a specific project "Strange Days" by Todd James (New York, 1969). After the success of his latest exhibition in the main gallery space in Madrid, James presents his work in southern Spain with a combination of his old works on paper and his latest paintings.

The works that are part of this exhibition are a selection of his recent works, which are characterized by the use of recurrent iconographic, symbolism of Western culture and the mass media. The artist from criticism and visual satire, plays a number of characters already established in his work; sexy and ridiculed girls, East African Islamic bandits basking in a pastel paradise, smiling and joyful war machine ... The situations represented are deeply connected with the image of the current television culture.

Through gouache and graphite in his work on paper and acrylic on canvas, the works of Todd James challenges the boundaries between the viewer and what probably sees around him, trying to escape and get away from the current state of things, avoiding the contamination of the cruelest reality. The use of vivid and very aggressive colors is something very usual in his career as an artist, Todd James ridicules and emphasizes to its last consequences the personality of the Western reality in which we live; as if it were a horror comic, he describes a modern world but at the same time, it’s full of compassion for those who live and suffer in it.

Todd James is an artist but also an illustrator for publications; he creates animated series for the Cartoon Network, he is the co-author of "Mascot and Mugs: The Characters of Subway Graffiti" (2007); his latest collaboration with the world of music has been designing the costumes for one of the performances in the MTV Video Music Awards gala.

Todd James lives and works in New York, he has exhibited in some of the most important galleries of its kind, and also worldwide, in institutions, not only in New York, London or Copenhagen, but also in Tokyo, Brussels, Sydney, Melbourne and Paris for example. In addition, his work has been part of group exhibitions at very prestigious institutions such as the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Philadelphia, the Tate Museum in Liverpool or the ARoS Museum in Denmark. One of his most recent exhibitions in a museum has been the co installation for "Art in the Streets" at the MoCA in Los Angeles, his work was a major contribution to this exhibition.


March 28 - June 22, 2014

CAC Málaga

The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga is presenting the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum of KAWS. This artist transforms icons of popular culture, adding elements characteristic of his style, such as x’s instead of eyes. KAWS is a painter, sculptor and designer who works with leading international firms and brands. He studied Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York and now lives and works in Brooklyn.

More information at: CAC Málaga

Peter Halley: Après 2000

January 18 - May 18, 2014

Musée d'art moderne Saint - Étienne Métropole

The paintings by Peter Halley, artist born in 1953, are inspired by urban spaces. His luminous canvases - crossed by colorful conduits and pipes - are full of movement and energy. The exhibition presents the recent works by the artist.

More information at: MAM St. Étienne

Hannah Collins: A Cop d'Ull. Recent photographic visual culture in Barcelona

December 5, 2013 - March 16, 2014

La Virreina - Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona

This exhibition draws together the photographic visual culture of the city of Barcelona over the last decade, not as a canon or a solution but rather as a venue for questions: Is it possible to speak of a visual identity in Barcelona? Is it possible to speak of a different perspective based on local photographic practice leading to a series of common and also differential representations?

More information at: La Virreina

Divided into thematic blocks, its journey alternates historically renowned figures and creators from recent generations, ranging from internationally acclaimed Catalan photographers to those who shape the image of everyday life in the city’s media, in a narrated series about the social uses of photography in the production of the imaginaries that make up the visual culture of Barcelona. It also includes a large quantity of media, ranging from analogue photography to digital manipulation, file montages and slideshows, and also explores every possible genre, from the photography of urban forms to fashion, including its uses in contemporary art, counter-photographic practice, portraiture and photojournalism. It is a choral portrait which also seeks to encourage debate, thinking and the production of public knowledge about the contemporary photographic sector.

Signs on the Road: CAC Málaga: 10 th Anniversary

October 29, 2013 - January 26, 2014

The CAC Málaga is presenting Signs on the Road. CAC Málaga: 10 th Anniversary. This collective exhibition completes the events organised to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. Comprising 56 works by 39 artists, it offers a summary of the Centre’s activities over these past ten years. The exhibition includes works by a selection of the most renowned contemporary artists who have been represented at the CAC Málaga over this period and thus offers a survey of the principal artistic trends and their multi-faceted disciplines, with a particular focus on artists who have exhibited at the Centre for the first time or have produced site-specific projects for it.

More information at: CAC Málaga

KAWS: Pictoplasma. White Noise

May 23 - September 8, 2013

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Pictoplasma and La Casa Encendida present a group-exhibition of contemporary character design and art, focussing on the current artistic strategy of hijacking, re-designing and creating mascots, while they increasingly free themselves from the contexts they used to stand for.

Featuring originals, limited prints and installations by more than 20 international artists, illustrators, and designers. The exhibition is accompanied by a vast program of artist talks, workshops, animation screenings and performances.

More information at:

Pictoplasma – White Noise presents current artistic strategies that make use of mechanisms similar to those of commercial mascots, logos and trademarks to engage in a critique of the markets they have originated from, or to create a detached fetishized cult, with abstract mascots at its centre. The exhibition features work by mr clement, Mark Gmehling, Tim Biskup, Juan Pablo Manzelli, Osian Efnisien, Jeremyville, Geneviève Gauckler, Craig Redman, Bakea, Amandine Urruty, Buff Monster, El Grand Chamaco, Ian Stevenson, Aaron Leighton, Raymond Lemstra, Sauerkids, Slumber Bean, Kurt Seperately, Juan Molinet, as well as co-curated installations and segments by Wooster Collective, Selim Varol and the Pictoplasma Archives.

KAWS: MTV Video Music Awards

August 25, 2013

KAWS has reinvented the VMAs' Moonman award creating a limited edition of the iconic silver spaceman for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The event will take place on August 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. He has also reimagined the logo and has been tapped to design the stage setup for the show, which is said to feature a 60-foot inflatable KAWS Moonman - the largest ‘Companion’ to date.

KAWS first rose to fame in the mid-90s with his graffiti tags and guerilla-style re-workings of bus stop advertisements - he'd literally pick locks to replace ads with his own work - around New York City, but he has lived and worked in Brooklyn for nearly a decade now. Since then, the artist has reinterpreted everything from Mickey Mouse to Michelin Man, and has also worked with top brands like Nike and Marc Jacobs.

KAWS' Moonman, cast in a striking metal finish, features several of the flourishes that have made his work instantly recognizable in galleries and on street corners around the world - namely, the comical skull-and-crossbones head and cartoonish gloves of ‘Companion’ - while, at the same time, remaining faithful to the iconic award that has been handed out to the biggest names in music for almost 30 years.

Photo: Craig Cutler / MTV
More info at:

Hannah Collins: Spectrum International Prize for Photography

Spring, 2015

Hannah Collins has just been awarded the “Spectrum” International Prize for Photography of the Foundation of Lower Saxony. The prize, which has been awarded since 1995, has hitherto been won by Robert Adams, Thomas Struth, John Baldessari, Sophie Calle, Martha Rosler, Helen Levitt, Bahman Jalali and Boris Mikhailov. The award ceremony will take place in the spring of 2015 on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition of the works of Hannah Collins at the Sprengel Museum Hannover, along with the publication of a comprehensive catalogue.

Artist, photographer and filmmaker, Hannah Collins has consistently sought to expand the field of photography and, more recently, film. She became known in the 1980s for her extremely large-scale, black-and-white photographs of evocative interiors, everyday objects and landscapes. Recently she has looked at a collective relationship to both the global and to modernity in filmed and photographic works. Profoundly democratic, Collins’ work quietly insists on revealing the complexities of life, and the ways we relate to the world around us collectively and as individuals, through vision and memory, to achieve works of subtle power.

© Foto: Michael Herling / Benedikt Werner, Sprengel Museum Hannover
More information: Sprengel Museum Hannover

Leo Villareal at ArtMRKT San Francisco Art Fair

May 16 - May 19, 2013

Gering & López Gallery is pleased to present
Leo Villareal's 'The Bay Lights (edition)' at ArtMRKT San Francisco Art Fair
Fort Mason Center - Festival Pavilion
Booth 605

100% of the proceeds from the sales of the edition will support The Bay Lights project

YouTube video: Leo Villareal 'The Bay Lights (edition)'

KAWS: At Home I'm a Tourist

March 23 - June 16, 2013

CAC Málaga

The Malaga Contemporary Art Centre presents ‘At home I’m a tourist,’ a group show from the collection of Selim Varol. The show, curated by Fernando Francés, comprises a selection of works associated with urban art and an iconography that bears witness to a period of time and a generation. Thus, the exhibit spans from the decade of the 90s, to the beginning of the XXI century and up to the present. The exposition is made up of a selection of toys and editions from the collection of Selim Varol. The German collector of Turkish origin owns a collection numbering more than 15,000 objects by contemporary artists as significant as Banksy, KAWS, ZEVS, Shepard Fairey – OBEY, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Audrey Kawasaki, FUTURA or JR. All designed toys and items convey the unmistakable personal signature of each one of the artists.

Leo Villareal: The Bay Lights

March 5, 2013 - 2015

Leo Villareal presents 'The Bay Lights', a monumental LED sculpture for the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California, that will be on view through 2015.
Villareal's awe-inspiring 'Bay Lights' sculpture will transform the western span of the bridge in to the world's largest LED light sculpture. Measuring over a mile and a half long, with 25,000 LED nodes affixed to nearly five miles' worth of vertical suspension cables, 'Bay Lights' is eight times the scale of the Eiffel Tower. 'The Bay Lights will be seen over 50 million people in the Bay Area with many more viewing it online nightly through 2015.

'The Bay Lights' is a public art project, made possible through the generosity of different patrons and sponsors. You can contribute taking part of the project through its website.

More information at:The Bay Ligthts

Matthew McCaslin

February 14 - April 14, 2013

Le Consortium, Dijon

Matthew McCaslin (born 1957, Bayshore - New York) is an American artist living and working in Brooklyn. He studied at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan. Already by the late 80s he was regarded as one of the prime artists of New York City’s vibrant art scene.

McCaslin is best known for his revolutionary installations and sculptures that combine light, videos and consumer electronics. His formal and visual vocabulary includes, among others: light bulbs, cables, clocks, fans, neon tubes and plugs. Usually hidden, most of these objects reveal themselves in their integrity; in their bareness one could say. The artist leaves behind for the viewer to experience visions of incomplete structures, which partly reveal their insides. He often introduces images via television screens in his sculptures. Ordinary functional items mobilize the beholder’s mind by making him question his daily dependence. McCaslin’s work explores the dualistic nature of functionality and aesthetics.

For this show at Le Consortium, he proposes an original way of presenting an “in - situ” installation with domestic forms. His works gain presence in the skeleton of a room as they reveal themselves, piece after piece, like a set of ornament. This house ‘unfinished’, or in construction, releases its secrets. McCaslin’s works mimic domestic furniture of symbolic rooms, like: the bathtub in the bathroom, the bed in the bedroom, etc. Everything here is a false-pretence, a trompe-l’oeil and for certain, humorous.

More information at: Le Consortium

David Levinthal: Never Ever. Fairy Tales for Adults

January 24 - March 31, 2013

Fundación Valentín de Madariaga, Sevilla

The exhibition “Never Ever. Fairy Tales for Adults" explores children’s imaginary and imagination to address issues and common concerns of the adult’s world. The show, curated by Sema d'Acosta and produced in collaboration with Fundación Cajasol, comprises the works by18 national and international artists. The exhibition conveys the spirit and wanderings of a dreamlike and childish world.

Young artists like Julio Falagán, Javi Calleja, Guillermo Martín Bermejo or Juan Zamora have produced site-specific installations for this unique show. And together with other colleagues, like Antonio Ballester Moreno or Quim Tarrida, they share stage not only with international creators as significant as, Yoshitomo Nara, Marcel Dzama or Kara Walter, but also with renown movie director Tim Burton. The film maker's work, shown for the first time in a joint exhibition in Seville, creates a common and perfect discourse that shares the conceptual and aesthetic characteristics explored by the show.

Artists: Kara Walker, Marcel Dzama, Liliana Porter, David Levinthal, Tim Burton, Yoshitomo Nara, Vik Muniz, Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz, Antonio Ballester Moreno, Fernando Renes, Aaron LLoyd, Juan Zamora, Jorge Perianes, Guillermo Martín Bermejo, Javier Calleja, Julio Falagán, Chema Lumbreras y Quim Tarrida.

More information at: Fundación Valentín de Madariaga

Jenny Holzer and Leo Villareal: Light Show

January 30 - April 28, 2013

Hayward Gallery, London

'Light Show' explores the experiential and phenomenal nature of light, bringing together sculptures and installations that use light in different ways. The exhibition showcases artworks created from the 1960s to the present day in which light is used to sculpt and shape space.

Light has the power to affect our state of mind as well as alter how we perceive the world around us, and Light Show includes some of the most visually stimulating artworks created in recent years. It also includes rare works not seen for decades and re-created specially for the Hayward Gallery.

'Light Show' features works by 22 artists including David Batchelor, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Flavin, Ceal Floyer, Jenny Holzer, Anthony McCall, François Morellet, Iván Navarro, Katie Paterson, Conrad Shawcross, James Turrell, Leo Villareal and Doug Wheeler. The exhibition is curated by Dr Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery Curator.

From atmospheric installations to intangible sculptures that you can move around and even through, visitors will experience light in all of its spatial and sensory forms. Individual artworks explore different aspects of light such as colour, duration, intensity and projection, as well as perceptual phenomena. They also use light to address architecture, science and film, and do so using a variety of lighting technologies.

Leo Villareal in New York

October, 2012 - February, 2013

Leo Villareal presents new interventions in different public spaces in New York City.

The first project, ‘Hive,’ is illuminating Bleecker Street’s subway station. Commissioned and owned by MTA Arts For Transit and Urban Design, Villareal has created an unprecedented art experience for transit riders who use the underground.

The artist has also designed an impressive glowing sculpture for Madison Square Park, ‘Buckyball' will be on view from October 25th until February 15th, 2013.

Opening on October 22nd, 'Cosmos' will light up Cornell University's Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. For two years, a crew of engineers, technicians, fabricators and other workers have been collaborating with artist Leo Villareal to build one of his site-specific light installations.

Finally, he has conceived for an office building in Sixth Avenue the installation 'Volume (Durst)', his largest three-dimensional light work yet.

José María Yturralde: Del cálculo numérico a la creatividad abierta

May 31 - October 31, 2012

Del cálculo numérico a la creatividad abierta.
El Centro de Cálculo de la Universidad de Madrid (1965-1982)

c arte c - Centro de Arte Complutense, Madrid. May 31 - July 12, 2012
Sala Conde de Rodezno, Pamplona. September 20 - October 31, 2012

The Sala Conde de Redezno in Pamplona is pleased to present an exhibition composed of art works and documentations from the Centro de Cálculo de Universidad de Madrid. The show serves to call to evidence the engagement of this pioneer entity in the development of the most avant–garde artistic creations of the seventies. The exhibition’s display coincides with the 40th anniversary of the “Encuentros de Pamplona” in 1972, a symbolic milestone of the second half of the last century. This renowned event partly served to celebrate the collaboration of key artists from this Institution at the time.

The display commemorates these encounters and is configured to pay homage to these leading artists and to an art scene that developed within a university research environment. The artist José María Yturralde, past grant-holder at the Centre, has been chosen to participate in this phenomenon. The artist’s work, to whom the entity has devoted an entire room, exemplifies the curator’s intent to immortalize an institution who fostered - beyond the portals of the academic halls - young emerging artists to pursue the most avant-garde artistic creations; promoting and providing the creative tasks that would boost the first artists to generate automatically artistic and musical forms.

Apertura Arte_Madrid 2012

September 20 - 23, 2012

Following the resounding success of our previous two editions, Artemadrid (Madrid Art Galleries Association) is currently organising APERTURA 2012, the joint opening of the new art season at Madrid’s major galleries from 20-23 September 2012.
This third edition is includes exciting new changes, such as visits to the homes of some of Madrid’s most renowned gallery owners, walking tours around the different gallery neighbourhoods in Madrid or guided visits to the Reina Sofía Museum and the private collection of Fundación Santander. A VIP cocktail party will provide participants with an exclusive meeting point for collectors, gallerists, art advisors and professionals. Thus Apertura seeks to consolidate itself as a key date in the artistic agenda. The program includes, as in precedent years, several activities in art galleries that gather a large following from the public.

APERTURA is an absolute must-visit and a wonderful occasion to bring collectors, artists and other art world professionals in contact with the general public, with the goal of injecting an exciting energy into the cultural scene and the contemporary art market.

John M. Armleder

September 13 - October 28, 2012

John M. Armleder: Selected Furniture Sculptures (1979 - 2012)
Swiss Institute, New York. September 13 - October 28

John Armleder and Ecart
Charles H. Scott Gallery / Emily Carr University, Vancouver. September 15 - October 21

Swiss Institute proudly presents Selected Furniture Sculptures 1979–2012, the first New York solo show of John Armleder in eight years. The exhibition will feature highlights of an open chapter in the Swiss artist’s oeuvre, showcasing the breadth and vision of the furniture sculptures from 1979 to the present.

The exhibition is curated by Swiss Institute Director Gianni Jetzer in close collaboration with the artist and consists of both historical and new works as well as two restitutions of historical pieces reported as missing. Several works in the exhibition were initially produced in the 1980s on the occasion of Armleder’s solo shows at John Gibson Gallery on 568 Broadway, thus retracing the artist's exhibition history in New York.

More information at:

Michael Bevilacqua: An Ideal For Living

July 12 - August 24, 2012

Gering & López Gallery is pleased to present An Ideal For Living, an exhibition of recent painting by New York based artist Michael Bevilacqua. This will be Bevilacqua's third solo exhibit with the gallery.

The exhibition showcases a single, monumental painting titled 'An Ideal For Living'; a canvas that the artist has spent more than the past year painting. As with a number of Bevilacqua’s works, the title references a particular source of music, in this case the 1978 debut album by the post-punk rock band Joy Division. The band became an obsession for Bevilacqua, so much so that the painting grew along with his focus, consuming his attention and mirroring his state of mind. Each song, each lyric began taking on particular significance for Bevilacqua, who found many parallels to his own life and reflected his outlook on his surroundings.

'An Ideal For Living' in fact created the rhythm of the artist’s life over the past year, further loosening his painting style and bringing about a series of work that he refers to as ‘the New Dis Order.’ Clearly diaristic in nature, the 30’ painting features an eclectic mix of color, text, visual styles and process. As rich as one would expect a yearlong work to be, the painting is also nuanced, with areas of sharpness and clarity layered upon washes of color and moody hues. Juxtaposed against this singular outpouring, other new works take a different approach, becoming extremely minimal and hauntingly symbolic, drained of color or highly textured.

Hannah Collins: The Fragile Feast

July 6 - September 1, 2012

The Fundació Suñol is pleased to present The Fragile Feast, a show by Hannah Collins (London, 1956), an artist who makes films, takes photographs and writes. The exhibition comprises 250 photographs that also appear in an engaging, highly detailed book she has written exploring the origins, handling and tastes of thirty ingredients used by Ferran Adrià – chef at El Bulli restaurant – in his cuisine. Spurred on by her close ties to Barcelona and Ferran Adrià, she embarked on a journey through Europe, Latin America and Japan to trace the origins of these ingredients and capture their mysterious essence. Along the way she took photographs and uncovered the distinctive memories of a series of unique culinary features in Ferran Adrià’s cuisine.

The images taken on Hannah Collins’ culinary journey make it clear that memory and background are the keys to appreciating Ferran Adrià’s creations. The photographs capture the place of origin and the process of transformation and preparation in the chef’s kitchen for each and every one of the ingredients, most of which are produced by small family businesses around the world. The book also contains a detailed passage on each ingredient describing the work carried out by fishermen, hunters, cattle raisers, farmers and gatherers and includes maps pinpointing the origin of each product. Hannah Collins’ images and texts make it a unique work, an historical document and a tool for rethinking concepts in the culinary world.
Hannah Collins’ developing journey got under way many years ago during her first visit to La Boqueria market in Barcelona. The sumptuously arranged produce and the broken line of different seasons on display spurred Hannah to explore the fragile relationships between growth, supply and consumption.
For The Fragile Feast she photographed sea anemones from Cádiz, kudzu from Japan, honey from nomadic bees in Italy and pine trees from the Pyrenees, amongst other raw materials, to reflect the process for preparing 35 dishes by the world-renowned Catalan chef. In doing so, these local delicacies are co-opted into a much wider culinary language that reveals nature’s elegance and wisdom in its creations and shows the creative transformation wrought by the alchemist chef who studies and combines them.
“Whenever we analyse a dish or a style, we focus on composition and technique, even on the precise combination of products, but we rarely stop to think that there is a story behind each ingredient”, says Ferran Adrià when describing Hannah Collins’ photographic commission. “And that is precisely what Hannah has done: to portray the behind-the-scenes story of each and every one of these ingredients, to follow the thread of a whole series of emblematic products all the way back to their origin, each one with its own specific area and people who have worked with it for a long time, very often following ancestral techniques handed down from generation to generation”, he adds.
The lesson and legacy of The Fragile Feast sparks a powerful synergy between the visual and culinary arts and stresses the great role played by small things in our everyday lives, as reflected in a series of photographs that not only draw in the eye, but also tempt readers to touch, smell and taste every ingredient portrayed.
Hannah Collins (London, 1956) lives and works between London and Barcelona. Her work as an artist, photographer and filmmaker centres on the collective experiences of memory, history and everyday life and has been exhibited at the Art Museum at the National University of Colombia (Bogotá), Caixaforum (Barcelona and Madrid), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Artium (Vitoria), La Laboral (Gijón), CAC (Málaga), VOX image contemporaine (Montreal), Centre national de la photographie (Paris), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin) and Tate Modern (London), amongst other museums and art centres. Her work forms part of several collections, including the Deutsche Bank Collection (London), Fundación Botín (Santander), Fundació Banc Sabadell (Barcelona), MACBA (Barcelona), Maison européene de la photographie (Paris), Musée des Beaux Arts de Nantes, MNCARS (Madrid), the European Parliament (Strasbourg), Tate Gallery (London), MUDAM (Luxembourg) and the Walker Art Museum (Minneapolis), amongst others.

John F. Simon Jr.: Digital Paintings

June 30 - September 23, 2012

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Replacing the canvas with the computer screen, John F. Simon, Jr. uses computer technology to create dynamic visual experiences rooted in art historical tradition. At the forefront of new media internationally since the 1990s, Simon writes his own computer code, basing it on the understanding that simple rules, activated and displayed on a screen, create more images than anyone can ever see in their lifetime. Inspired by the paintings and theories of European Modernists such as Joseph Albers, Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian, he creates imagery that is constantly evolving yet never repeating.

To make his art, Simon begins by sketching. For the past 12 years, he has engaged in a daily practice that he calls Divination Drawings. These serve as inspiration and source material for the production of finished works. Composed in pencil or gouache, Simon allows his unconscious thoughts and emotions to guide his mark making. He then studies them to discern which persistent marks or symbols can best be translated into the language of code. Much of Simon’s inspiration comes from the study of art created by systems or rules, such as the color contrast studies of Joseph Albers or the Wall Drawings of Sol LeWitt. For Simon, rules can be liberating. As Simon’s software cycles through simple sets of drawing rules, unpredictable patterns emerge. The final results are displayed on walls as objects mounted in laser-cut plastic or Formica, encased in elaborate cabinets, or simply projected.
Simon does not call his works “paintings” and prefers the terms “software” or “digital” art. Yet, in what has been proposed as today’s “expanded field of painting,” a host of various art forms, including digital, video, and installation art, are being discussed within the parameters of painting itself. Taken in this context, Simon’s work just may indicate the future of painting in the 21st century.
A native of Louisiana, John F. Simon (b. 1963) lives in New York. His artwork has been exhibited internationally, and is found in prominent museum collections including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; and the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Alex Katz: Give Me Tomorrow

May 19, 2012 - January 13, 2013

Tate St. Ives, Cornwall. May 19 - September 23
Turner Contemporary, Margate (Kent). October 6 - January 13

Alex Katz (born Brooklyn, New York, 1927) is one of the most important and respected living American artists with a career that spans over six decades. Give Me Tomorrow brings together paintings, oil studies, collages and a rarely exhibited cut-out, spanning the full breadth of Katz’s career from the 1950s to the present.

Katz’s bold paintings are defined by their flatness of colour and form, their economy of line and their cool but seductive emotional detachment. Using categories such as portraiture, land and seascape, figure studies and flowers, many of Katz’s works picture an everyday America in times of leisure and recreation. A recurring subject is Katz’s wife and muse Ada, whose iconic image has appeared in his work since the 1950s.

Influenced as much by style, film, poetry and music as by art history, Katz works in the tradition of European and American artists like Eduard Manet, Henri Matisse and Edward Hopper. He began exhibiting in the 1950s, when Abstract Expressionism was the dominant movement in American art led by figures such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning. Katz admired these artists but rather than follow in their wake, he instead developed a contemporary figurative language combining the enlarged scale of American abstract painting with the bright colours and graphic style of advertising billboards. An influential precursor to Pop Art in the 1960s, Katz has famously said, ‘I wanted to make paintings you could hang up in Times Square’.

Today Alex Katz remains a prolific painter and an influential and important figure for generations of artists.

To accompany his exhibition, Alex Katz has made a personal selection of paintings from the Tate collection, on show in the West Gallery.

Alex Katz: Almost Anything

April 19 - September 30, 2012

MACUF - Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa, La Coruña

Under the title 'Almost Anything', the exhibition of the american artist Alex Katz at the Contemporary Art Museum Gas Natural Fenosa, MACUF, presents a selection of 22 paintings of landscapes, scenes and portraits, mostly of them large size, with the plain style of this author of flat compositions, silhouettes and 'cutouts', as well as portraits on cut out wood he has been made since the sixties.
 The show will be opened in La Coruña until September 30th.

Leo Villareal at TEFAF Maastricht Art Fair

16 - 25 March, 2012

Gering & Lopez Gallery and Leo Villareal are pleased to be a part of the 25th Anniversary of the TEFAF Maastricht 2012 Art Fair in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Cylinder II, a site-specific sculpture commissioned by the fair from the artist's newest body of work, will hang prominently in the entrance to the fair, high above the heads of attendees. Cylinder II 's light patterns will be programmed with the rhythm and environment of the exhibition hall in mind, simultaneously reflecting and contributing to the pulse of the event. Both the gallery and the artist wish to thank the organizers of Maastricht 2012 for their generous invitation.

Todd James: King of the Wild Frontier

March 1 - April 21, 2012

Gering & López Gallery presents King of the Wild Frontier, a solo exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Todd James. This will be James’ second exhibition with the gallery.

In this exhibition, James presents two large new bodies of work. The first is a group of canvases depicting his familiar Somali pirate series. No longer on roughly cut sheets of paper, these oil paintings dominate the gallery with their crisp shapes, large scale and emotive brushwork. The new medium accentuates characteristics of James’ work, namely the seductive colors and fluid lines of its subjects. These pirates are masked in headgear, smoking cigarettes, having tea at sunset. They bear hand-me-down AK-47s and RPGs, the looping shapes of their bullet belts and gun straps echoing 1970s graffiti letterforms. In the distance, their quarry - cargo ships - is represented by blocky shapes squatting on the ocean’s horizon. These works address David and Goliath themes of survival, justice, ingenuity, ownership, and difference.

The second part of the exhibition is a recreation of Vandal’s Bedroom, the sprawling, graffiti filled structure that was a highlight of the Art in the Streets exhibition recently shown at LA MOCA. The New York version of the work is equally dense with information. Part object, part installation, this teenage vandal’s bedroom-turned-graffiti-battle-station gives glimpses of plans for an imaginary artistic takeover. Bleeding marker drawings form letter styles from the rough & tumble 1980’s New York subway era, combined with repurposed cartoon characters performing decidedly off-model activity. A clutter of color, slogans, fantasies, and affiliations is all barely contained, ready to spill out of this eat, sleep, and breathe environment. The piece is a celebration of early influences and an exercise of traditions that remain relevant, holding up better than ever.

According to James, both vandals and pirates step over invisible boundaries put in place by faceless power structures every day. Both also anonymously make claims (to space or to cargo), their deeds forcing society to confront the undeniable complexity of right and wrong. It is this sense of injustice that informs and energizes James’ work. The fact that James is able to do this with a generous amount of humor is his unique ability.

Todd James has had numerous one-person exhibitions internationally, including New York, Tokyo, Madrid, Brussels, Melbourne, London and Copenhagen. His most recent exhibition, a large collaborative installation for Art in the Streets at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA in 2011, was a critical and popular addition to that show. James currently lives and works in New York.

Apertura Artemadrid 2011

September 15 - 17, 2011

Around fifty art galleries in Madrid will celebrate simultaneously the opening of this art season.
On September 15th, 16th and 17th, Madrid will become the Contemporary art hotspot. The commemoration, APERTURA 2011, not only signals fifty concurrent openings but also, the national and international promotion of plastic creativity and Spain’s cultural industry. Further, this special occasion will serve to emphasize the commitment of museums and art centres to enriching cultural programs and activities.
Still only on its second year APERTURA 2011, sponsored by ArteMadrid, has already established itself as a well-known event in the art world. On the arts global stage, the happening at Madrid this year raises as much international expectations as the Gallery Weekends at Berlin or New York.
ArteMadrid facilitates this year to art galleries and centres a fascinating platform and opportunity to promote their most trusted national and international artists. As a result, the vernissage is expected to bring together collectors, experts and curators from around the world.
To increase public involvement in contemporary art is a central goal of the initiative. Highlights of this art weekend include: extended opening schedules, collectors visits, talks and welcoming breakfast at the more than fifty venues.