Peter Halley: Recent Paintings

Madrid, April 2 - May 29, 2008

Press Release

The Javier López gallery is pleased to present a selection of recent paintings by Peter Halley, one of the most influential artists in the international art scene, who became known in the mid-nineteen eighties in New York as a promoter of the Neo-Geo movement, a reaction to the emotional nature of neo-expressionism and a resurgence of geometric abstraction.

The medium format works in this exhibition show variations on the cell theme with which he began to work at the beginning of the eighties. After having explored in recent series the integration of his canvases with drawings or wall diagrams derived from digitally transformed images, in this new work he returns to the solitary canvas. Through variations in proportions and the overlaying or combination of his prisons with monochrome panels, Halley plays with the variety of effects that can be created by limited formal resources.

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Peter Halley

Selected Press

Arte y Parte nº74
April - May, 2008

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Babelia_El País
April 26, 2008

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ABCD las artes
May 17, 2008

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May, 2008

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Peter Halley: Recent Paintings

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