Alex Katz: Cutouts

Madrid, May 23 - July 31, 2007

Press Release

The Javier López Gallery is proud to display a show by the North American painter ALEX KATZ (New York, 1927).

On this occasion, the show will feature a selection of his Cutouts, whose origin was accidental. Once, while painting one of his portraits, he was not satisfied with the relationship between the background and the figure, and, in his frustration, he cut out the outline of the figure, and mounted it onto a piece of wood, which he had previously cut to size, in what was a very 1960s act of pragmatism and immediacy, reminiscent of the early cut-out canvases by Frank Stella.

Nowadays, there is nothing casual about these cut-outs, which Katz has incorporated into his work as if they were just another genre, which could be termed two-dimensional sculpture. These are carefully planned pieces, which are no longer mounted on wood, but on sheets of aluminium, cut prior to beginning the painting. They preserve a special freshness and spontaneity, and are less formal than his wall paintings.

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Alex Katz

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Alex Katz: Cutouts

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