JRP Editions: Proyecto(s) Múltiple(s)

Madrid, April 1 - May 28, 2003

Press Release

Galería Javier López in collaboration with JRP Editions is pleased to present a guest-curated collective exhibit that gathers a selection of its “Multiple Projects.” This exposition, currently in Madrid, was previously at: Galerie Air de Paris (Paris), Raum Für Aktueller Kunst in Vienna, Chouakri-Brahms Galerie (Berlin), Francesca Pia Galerie (Bern), Galerie Edward Mitterand (Geneva) and Galeria Joâo Graça in Lisbon.

JRP Editions was founded in 1997 by independent curator and critic Lionel Bovier. The publishing firm started off with editorial activities two years before under the name of “Just Ready to be Published.” At the core of the publishing house’s philosophy lie producing and diffusing books by artists, publishing limited editions and promoting contemporary art.

In 1999 Galería Javier López & JRP Editions embark on a joined project, “Multiple(s) Project(s).” The idea falls not only under the banner of publishing multiple editions, but also conveys the notion of the exhibition as an open book. The aim is to foster the birth of creative projects, which address the parameters that define an artistic piece and the multiple forms they may adopt upon their exhibit. Further, the exhibition is framed to attend to prevailing views about the possible use and utility of these objects, and whether or not they fall along the line that defines traditional artistic categories.

The collaborative project “Hard Hat” gave initial form to “Multiple Projects.” This first work, a joined collaboration between Richard Hoeck & John Miller, was inspired by the celebrated sixties ranchers’ television series Bonanza. Motivated by the hat worn by the series main character, “Bonanza,” Richard Hoeck & John Miller produced an edition of pink felt hats.The hats from this series were modified to enhance the original’s phallic proportions and were produced in an obscene and carnal color. Only 12 original hat copies exist, but each one of them adopts it’s own intrinsic exhibitory modality; it’s own nature when tried on or worn. It is worth noting that other editions have followed this first collaboration, among them: Fabrice Gygi’s, Liam Gillick’s and Xavier Veilhan’s. The latter’s edition, a pigmented plastic skull – a piece that may be used as if it were a chair – was on display, along with the work by other artists currently at display, in the collective show, “New Domestic Landscape,” that Lionel Bovier too presented at our gallery in 2001.

The current show brings together all artworks that have so far been produced, and includes pieces by the following artists:

- John Armleder (Geneva, 1948)

- Francis Baudevin (Bulle, Switzerland, 1964)

- Valentin Carron (Fully, Switzerland, 1977)

- Stéphane Dafflon (Lausanne, Switzerland, 1972)

- Sylvie Fleury (Geneva, 1961)

- Liam Gillick (Aylesbury, England, 1964)

- Fabrice Gygi (Geneva, 1965)

- Richard Hoeck & John Miller (Innsbruck, 1965 & Ohio, 1954)

- Pierre Huyghe (Paris, 1962)

- Ben Kinmont (Vermont, 1963)

- John Miller (Ohio, 1954)
- Robert Morris (Kansas City, 1931)

- Olivier Mosset (Bern, 1944)

- Gianni Motti (Italy, 1958)

- Philippe Parreno (Algeria, 1964)

- Steven Parrino (New York, 1959)

- Mai-Thu Perret (Geneva, 1976)

- John Tremblay (Boston, 1966)

- Xavier Veilhan (Lyon, 1963)

Artist Stéphane Dafflon has produced a site-mural. The composition, an edition of self- adhesive designs with abstract motifs, adapts to each space becoming an artistic / exhibitory element.

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Selected Press

El Cultural - El Mundo
May 1, 2003

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Blanco y Negro Cultural - ABC
April 26, 2003

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JRP Editions: Proyecto(s) Múltiple(s)

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