Elena del Rivero - Tere Recarens: In Love

Madrid, September 14 - October 28, 2000

Press Release

Javier López Gallery is proud to present an installation by the two Spanish artists Elena del Rivero y Tere Recarens. The German photographer resident in New York, Katrin Thomas, the musician Hans Peter Thomas and the architect Kyle Brooks have also contributed to the project, which consists of different elements presented by the artists, grown out of the original concept of “Entredos” (between), referring not only to how the project has grown out of a true merging of the artists’ personalities, but also to the “inbetween” of the artistic act, which is, in the end, love. Quoting one of the collaborating artists, Elena del Rivero: ”In Love” speaks of the space which is created in a close relationship between two people. It speaks of Deleuze’ “between”, which served as inspiration to the project. There are pauses, silences, fragments of something left unsaid…“In Love” speaks of love, understood as the search for selfexpression in the context of mutually enjoyed aesthetic pleasures.

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Selected Press

El Periódico del Arte nº36
August - September, 2000

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El Cultural_El Mundo
September 27, 2000

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Caballo Verde_La Razón
September 15, 2000

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Antiqvaria nº178
October, 2000

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Arte y Parte nº29
October - November, 2000

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ABC Cultural
October 7, 2000

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Elena del Rivero - Tere Recarens: In Love

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