Igor Mischiyev: Multi Story Car Park Series

Madrid, June 1 - July 31, 2000

Press Release

Javier López Gallery joins the Madrid summer fotofestival PHOTOESPAÑA with a presentation of an installation by the Berlin artist IGOR MISCHIYEV (Moscow, 1966), based on his recent “Multi Story Car Park Series”.
Featuring different views of car parks mainly located in East Berlin, Mischiyev uses the computer to manipulate his photographs. The resulting images, digitally cleaned and erased of all spatial or historical information, as well as added to in unexpected ways, seem to hover between abstract geometrical forms and cinematographic visions that evoke classical modernity.

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Selected Press

PhotoPeriódico nº9
June, 2000

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ABC Cultural
June 10, 2000

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El Cultural_El Mundo
June 14 - 20, 2000

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Caballo Verde_La Razón
July 14, 2000

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Igor Mischiyev: Multi Story Car Park Series

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