Thomas Ruff: Herzog & De Meuron

Madrid, November 28, 1995 - January 27, 1996

Press Release

The Javier Lopez Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Thomas Ruff: Herzog and De Meuron.

The exhibition will present Thomas Ruff’s photographs of buildings by the Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre De Meuron. Ruff, who represented Germany at the 1995 Venice Biennale is best known for his large scale portraits and photographs of night skies taken with the aid of a high- powered telescope. His choice of buildings by Herzog and De Meuron aims to show their fresh and innovative approach to both public and private commissions.

Thomas Ruff’s photographs will introduce five of the most important buildings by these much acclaimed Swiss architects. Although well known in the rest of Europe for projects in Switzerland, France and Germany they have only really become noted in Britain since their most recent commission, to carry out the redevelopment of the new Tate at Bankside.

In their use of a wide variety of diverse materials the architects have successfully applied innovative solutions to complex issues of planning and architecture. In avoiding a “signature style” Herzog & De Meuron’s aims have been to use architecture “as a thinking model for a critical perception of our whole culture”.